Overnight Camel Safari – 4A


The Overnight Camel Safari – (Off-the Beaten Track) is a great option for those who want to live the nomadic desert life and connect with the environment of the desert. These tours offer you the freedom to explore the desert in a unique way as you will be taken through varied landscape of the Thar desert.

Tour Highlights

  • • Departure at 6:30 AM from Jaisalmer by Jeep to the camel point.
  • • You’ll receive a warm welcome by friendly guides and healthy camels.
  • • Have a delicious freshly cooked breakfast prepared by our guides.
  • • Enjoy a camel ride of about two and a half hours to three hours (one person per camel only).
  • • Take rest under the shade, enjoy a delicious lunch and relax.
  • • Mount on the camel again and ride for approximately two hours.
  • • Stop at the dunes, marvel at the beautiful sunset, and have a delicious traditional dinner.
  • • Sleep under the stars (a bed with mattress, pillow and blankets will be provided).
  • • Next morning, wake up to a beautiful sunrise.
  • • Eat a healthy breakfast after sunrise and enjoy the camel ride for about one and a half hours.
  • • Visit the Serene Oasis and the Khaba Fort on your way back.
  • • Get a Jeep for Jaisalmer and arrive at around 11 AM.

Please Note: The booking amount for 24th of December and the 31st of December will be ₹2750 and the remaining ₹500 will be payable at the Trotters’ Office.

Please choose the date and the number of guests.

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