Who We Are

We are Trotters, a small local travel agency in Jaisalmer which was founded by Del Boy. We specialize in camel safari packages, and we are proudly run and managed by the villagers from the desert.

Our team comprises of people who originate from the desert and know the in and out of the desert life. This helps us in providing you with a great experience. We love our camels, and we value our guests. Our team of cameleers, local guides, and jeep drivers work day in and day out to provide you the best experience possible.

We offer various safari packages which range from a half day trip to the desert to an overnight camel safari. If you are further interested in exploring life in the desert, then you may design a tailored multi-day safari ranging from 2 days in the desert to a 21 days fully customized desert experience.

Why Choose Us

We follow the traditional phrase ‘Padharo Mhare Desh’, which means that you are welcome to our country/village. This not only stands as our welcome message but also reveals the hospitality of the people of Rajasthan. We at Trotters, respect our guests and welcome you to be a part of the rich culture and tradition of Jaisalmer. We consider all our guests as extensions of our family, and we look forward to providing you with delightful camel safari experience like no other in Jaisalmer.

We take you to the most remote parts of the desert, off-the-beaten-track and we guarantee fresh & delicious food, plenty of bottled water, warm bedding, professional English-speaking guides and a personal camel. We love our camels and take the utmost care of them to ensure that they are both healthy and happy. We also love and respect the environment, and we endeavor to minimize the impact on the desert landscape. We ensure that all the waste is brought back to Jaisalmer after every trip, where plastic and glass is recycled.

So, when you are travelling with us, we ensure you not only a wonderful experience of the desert life but also assure you of a healthy environment.

We also offer a great accommodation at affordable prices, right next to the Jaisalmer Fort. The rooftop restaurant at the Desert Cow Guest House offers a great panoramic view of the Jaisalmer Fort.

Community Involvement

Being a local of the Thar Desert, we understand the hardships faced by the people in the desert, so the idea of founding Trotters was to provide these people with a good normal lifestyle that they deserve. Hence, we are powered by the people from the Thar Desert.

The communities they come from are decidedly impoverished, and they all lack piped water and suffer regular power outages. Most people rely on farming in an area regularly stricken by drought and hence a life without a regular income is a challenge for them. We at Trotters, are giving them helping hand by providing them with regular employment, paying them fair wages and hence supporting their entire families.

The literacy rate and the healthcare facilities are also very poor in the region, so we took the initiative and are pleased to report that all the children of our staff members, cameleers, and our jeep drivers can now attend school, something unheard of just a generation or two ago.

We are thankful to you for travelling with us and for giving us an opportunity to give back to the local community, which has not only made a huge impact on reducing poverty but has also supported their entire families.

Travel with us to join our cause and together we can both do something for the community as well as the environment.

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