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Choose Your Safari

[bt_cc_multiply][bt_cc_select name=”Basic wash” value=”Half-Day Sunrise Camel Safari;12;Includes a hand wash of the exterior and rims, rinse and complete dry, which includes the door jamb – $12
Express wash, plus tires;15;Same hand wash, but also includes adding a tire shine applied to the tires – $15
Express wash, plus tires and interior clean;25;Comes with everything above, but also includes vacuuming and cleaning the mats and vinyl – $25″ images=”67,66,64″ img_height=”50″][bt_cc_select name=”Car type” value=”Regular;1;Price is $1
Van;1.2;Price is $1.2
Truck or SUV;1.5;Price is $1.5″ images=”64,65,66″][/bt_cc_multiply]
[bt_cc_multiply][bt_cc_select name=”Wheel cleaning” value=”No;0;It is free
Yes;5;Price is $5″][bt_cc_slider name=”Number of wheels ($1)” value_min=”0″ value_max=”4″ value_step=”1″ value_unit=”1″][/bt_cc_multiply]


[bt_cc_select name=”Protection type” value=”Clear-coat protectors;15;Provide UV coverage and protection against moisture – $15
Temporary wax ;12;Price is $12″ img_height=”50″][bt_cc_select name=”Polish type” value=”Regular;15;Price is $15
Full ;25;Includes an undercarriage cleaning – $25″ img_height=”50″]


[bt_cc_switch name=”Underbody Wash ($3)” value_off=”0″ value_on=”3″][bt_cc_switch name=”Tire Gloss ($4.25)” value_off=”0″ value_on=”4.25″]


First of all, please choose service – Basic wash, your car type, Wheel cleaning, number of wheels etc. Than you will be able to get quote of your service – Total price. Make sure to select Next button and enter your personal datas. In Preferred Date and Time choose time of service. Entering email address customer will get an email as confirmation of odered service / product and will be redirected to Thank you page.

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